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Dear Friends,

In the last newsletter we asked you to help us inspire each other with photos and stories of what is good in our lives and what we are grateful for.

"happiness is just being yourself"

This week we are announcing a beautiful photographic exhibition from Dr. Natasha Shaginian-Needham that tries to do just that:

I was inspired by the SeeingHappy online project created by photographer and psychologist Mandy Seligman to promote individual well-being through sharing photography. Together, we created the project Positive Emotions Through Photos. 50 children between 14–20-year-old most of them orphans and many with special needs, during 4 weeks were taking the photos on their phones which associated with their feelings of Love, Beauty and Happiness. Orphaned children, especially those with disabilities, live in closed society. For them participation in this new exciting project was a unique opportunity to push their creativity, feel belonging, discover themselves and find meaning. We wanted them to learn how to recognize  happy moments in their everyday life, how to increase their positive emotions being in the surroundings which they cannot change. The project shows how engagement in photography with the focus on seeing positive sensations in the most ordinary things can change our self-perception.  Dr. Natasha Shaginian-Needham

We are building a community through art and resilience and our common humanity.Mandy Seligman

Photography can help us focus on the best in our lives, it can connect us to each other, and help us share our stories. Martin Seligman

Earlier today Natasha, Mandy, and Martin all spoke at the University of East London to discuss Emotions Through Photos, the upcoming SeeingHappy Program, as well as the past, present, and future of Positive Psychology.

Until Next Time,

-The Team At SeeingHappy

Roger Irwin

Roger Irwin is passionate about understanding the intersection of the arts and human development. He is researching how media intake and creativity based interventions can help people explore their strengths. He is a candidate for the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania.

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