Through a Rose-Tinted Lens

Mandy Seligman G’86 wanted to get out of the house. But not too far. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the photographer focused on slowing down and paying attention to details whose closeness to home made them easy to overlook.

Finding satisfaction and gratitude in quotidian moments is the theme of her new project, SeeingHappy (, an open forum that filters photography through the lens of positive psychology.

“Positive psychology has a number of exercises shown to increase well-being,” she says. “I discovered that if I generally followed that path I was much happier. I took photos of moments that touched me.” Whether it was her daughter Jenny playing the flute (above) or strangers lined up on a bridge anticipating fireworks, Seligman zoomed in on happy moments.

Through a Rose-Tinted Lens, The Pennsylvania Gazette
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