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SeeingHappy encourages people to take and share photos of what makes them happy.

About The Project

What are the little things that make you smile as you go through your day? Often it is the small things that make life worthwhile. And small changes can make a huge difference. 🦋 

We believe that a small change in focus to the positive can help build personal resilience and hope, and kickstart a spiral of optimism that enables us to deal with life just a little bit better. It can create a cascade of positivity in our lives.

Help us to celebrate and spread the good stuff, and participate in creating a shared piece of art: The Art of Everyday Happiness. Whether a professional photographer or a casual iPhone-ographer, we invite you to submit the photos that make you happy.

Look for the good, take a moment to appreciate it, take a photo 📸, and share it for everyone to enjoy.

Mindfully attending to the good, sharing that piece of positivity, committing to a community of likeminded people can bring about meaningful change for all of us.

Mandy Seligman

Spotlight On

In September 2020, as the pandemic weighed on us, this double rainbow appeared in the sky, piercing through the dark clouds. The colors were more intense than I’d ever seen in a previous rainbow. I stopped my car three different times to try to capture the entire bow, but I couldn’t do it. Even so, this image helped to carry me through the pandemic, serving as a metaphor for the hope that things would get better.

Humor Collection

It is hard to believe tomorrow will be August already! Summer vacations and the beach for some lucky people. Let’s look for photos that make us laugh. Humor is the best medicine 🙂

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