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Boost Your Happiness and Resilience:

Notice the Best in Your Life, Notice how it Makes Your Life HAPPIER.

SeeingHappy is a Community-Based Platform Driven Towards Sharing how Photography and the Arts can build Well-being and Resilience.

Discover what everyday happiness means for you and your friends From psychologists and storytellers:

Our Aim as a Non-Profit is to Help You Understand what “Elements” Make up Your Happiness, and to Provide a Space Where You can Learn what Sparks Joy for Others from Around the World.

About The Project

What are the little things that make you happy as you go through your day? Often they are what make life worthwhile.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all experienced an unprecedented shift in our daily lives. Many of us struggled to find meaning and purpose due to a lack of human connection. As things became harder to endure, many people took up new hobbies, and sought out little things that would bring them joy. 

Since May of 2021, SeeingHappy was created to celebrate these simple joys, and demonstrate how even in the darkest times there is still a possibility for light. Thousands of photographs later, we continue to believe that noticing these little things and paying attention to them can kickstart a spiral of optimism that builds everyday happiness, resilience, and hope.

Help us to celebrate and spread the good stuff, inspire others by participating in creating a shared piece of art: The Art of Everyday Happiness. 

Mandy Seligman

Is uploading photos from your phone more your thing?

We have an app for that. Speed performance updates underway. 

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