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SeeingHappy encourages people to take and share photos of what makes them happy.

About The Project

What are the little things that make you smile as you go through your day? Often it is the small things that make life worthwhile. And small changes can make a huge difference. 🦋 

We believe that a small change in focus to the positive can help build personal resilience and hope, and kickstart a spiral of optimism that enables us to deal with life just a little bit better. It can create a cascade of positivity in our lives.

Help us to celebrate and spread the good stuff, and participate in creating a shared piece of art: The Art of Everyday Happiness. Whether a professional photographer or a casual iPhone-ographer, we invite you to submit the photos that make you happy.

Look for the good, take a moment to appreciate it, take a photo 📸, and share it for everyone to enjoy.

Mindfully attending to the good, sharing that piece of positivity, committing to a community of likeminded people can bring about meaningful change for all of us.

Mandy Seligman


There is hope in the dark

There is Hope in the dark! I saw this small medal within a name of one of the victims of 9/11 which is engraved into …

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In the Heat of the Night

While it was sad to drive by a cargo truck burning on fire, I was entranced by the surreal nature of the setting. I am …

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The photo shows that several victims were transferred by emergent rescue workers during the most severe waterlogging disaster in Henan Province. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY …

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The photo shows that some firefighters had a rest to drink some water after a long time fighting with disasters. They are my heroes who …

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Gloved Touch

Gloved members of a Honor Guard gently handle an American Flag at a Flag day ceremony. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY 1 0

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9/11 Monument

The unveiling of a granite monument honoring those that perished on 9/11/2001. This nation bonded together the likes of that had not been seen since …

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New York City Firefighters that were at 9/11 salute during services commemorating that fateful day in American history. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY 2 0

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A New York City law officer places a wreath during services remembering comrades that perished during 9/11. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY 3 0

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A woman expresses sorrow at a service honoring those that perished on 9/11. THIS MAKES ME HAPPY 3 1

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Appreciation Collection

This month we would like you to pay attention and appreciate the little things that make you happy. Take a photo and share it with us. We all need to be reminded to appreciate the small things that usually go unnoticed.

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