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Happy Feed

A Gemma special

It’s the little wins I had to be grateful for today. Mentally it’s been tough but I’ve had endless amount of support love and brews and I’ve spent some time with my mum over a drink the nurse recommended lol. It was chocomilk and expresso.

Fun with family and friend

Enjoyed spending time with lacie and my friend Paula at the siftplay and grabbing a coffee. I also enjoyed playing like a child would all day and teaching poppy a trick on the fireman’s pole lol

Unexpected surprise

A school I had been working in fir the last six weeks surprised me and my colleague with a lovely bunch of flowers each. I loved it and thought it was very thoughtful of the teachers abd class.


This was the view from my desk where I registered volunteers and participants at when working for the annual summer solstice event in Santa Barbara. The shining sun and the vibrantly coloured decorations spark so much joy. This was a place where community came together to create art and music and pure happiness for over […]


I love eurovision. This was a lovely evening with a takeaway, bingo trying to spotted northern lights lol. Congrats to Switzerland 🇨🇭 on wining and to olly for just doing their best. I’d love to go one day lol

Yoga with friends

I really enjoyed going to yoga today with my uni friends as it been awhile since we have all been together. We had a lovely brew afterwards and banged the world to rights lol. It filled my cup for the day

The Tale of Two Perspectives

The Met Office says ‘Double rainbows are formed when sunlight is reflected twice within a raindrop with the violet light that reaches the observer’s eye coming from the higher raindrops and the red light from lower raindrops.’ Each perspective is beautiful in its own right. Yet, combined, they showcase divine light…

Cherished Smiles

Smiles from a time long-forgotten… (From the perspective of someone who sees their family in India less than once every two years)

Blue skies

My nieces were playing in the new play area near us and they loved it. All lacie could say when see saw it was its amazing a thousand times whilst squealing with excitement. Poppy said she loved me whilst sliding down the slide with lacie on her lap. She also made me notice the beautiful […]

celebrating colorful holi festival

Holi is a hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring. it also known as the” festival of colours”.During the holi people apply colourful” abeer” each of others. In this time environment also look like a colourful canvas. Roads also reamain busy with full of crowd in celebration this festival. All classes of people take […]

Knitting Curiosities

Napier, NZ, “the sunniest spot in New Zealand” has a vibrant town feeling, people out and about in that sunny weather (which was true!). I was able to capture this man doing what he loves, on a welcoming bench under the store sign, and the two images seemed to go together.

My hop…piness

My best friend Michal Sela is a talented photographer, who manages to take out the best vibe of the people she is shooting.


The day before running New York City marathon Nov 2023 – I remember feeling nervous, excited and very grateful for my health, family and friends ☘️❤️

And … relax

Kicking back and taking some me time in the V&A garden at lunchtime whilst on campus at South Kensington. Happy times.


Photo taken in Hyde Park. A man is hugging a swan as if it is his best friend and lover. Animals are not just animals. They have feelings and love.

My support system

Had nail surgery today which has been quite painful. Everyone has been lovely and helpful epescially these my nieces. they have given me a pillow, a banana and made me a nice picture. Now they are giving me endless cuddles. So grateful for everyone in my life atm.

A Spring Break

Children is running on the ground, a couple is having their lunch, a father is staying with his baby stroller. Everyone is enjoying a spring break on the grass.

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