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About The Project

What are the little things that make you happy as you go through your day? Often they are what make life worthwhile.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we all experienced an unprecedented shift in our daily lives. Many of us struggled to find meaning and purpose due to a lack of human connection. As things became harder to endure, many people took up new hobbies, and sought out little things that would bring them joy. 

Since May of 2021, SeeingHappy was created to celebrate these simple joys, and demonstrate how even in the darkest times there is still a possibility for light. Thousands of photographs later, we continue to believe that noticing these little things and paying attention to them can kickstart a spiral of optimism that builds everyday happiness, resilience, and hope.

Help us to celebrate and spread the good stuff, inspire others by participating in creating a shared piece of art: The Art of Everyday Happiness. 

Mandy Seligman

About Us

The team here at SeeingHappy are all photographers who enjoy the process of creating memorable photos. We are a mix of educators striving to share their knowledge and psychologists dedicated to increasing happiness in the world.

We came together with one idea: make the world happier by encouraging others to be mindful of the good, to focus on it (literally), share one photo at a time, and create a communal work of art.

We seek purely to promote photography as a means of self-expression, individual well-being, and building a community with a shared vision of showcasing what makes us happy.

Mandy Seligman

Psychologist & Photographer

Mandy Seligman is a psychologist devoted to using positive psychology at all stages of life. As a mom of five and a homeschooler she is passionate about positive psychology in parenting and in education. As a daughter she is passionate about positive psychology in the care of our elderly.

Mandy is also a fine arts photographer and a member of Soho Photo Gallery in NYC. She believes that slowing down, seeing and capturing beauty is a spiritual journey that enriches all our lives – both of the artist and the viewer. She seeks to promote photography as a path to finding happiness and well-being through attending to and sharing what we see as beautiful in our lives.

Jill Galloway Sherman

Educator & Photographer

Jill Galloway Sherman is an educator of photography in the Philadelphia area. Over the past 20 years Jill has been deeply involved with the Philadelphia arts and education culture. She began teaching at the former Art Institute of Philadelphia and is now an instructor at The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center and an adjunct professor at Saint Joseph’s University. She is also a freelance consultant who works with a wide range of photographers guiding them to further develop their voice and craft.

Focusing her professional energies on developing the skills and appreciation of photography in others, she directs her own artistic energies toward storytelling through photography, collage, and drawing. For Jill, making photographs and art has always been about seeing beauty in the simple moments and sharing those with others.

Roger Irwin

Media Strategist and Developer

Roger Irwin recently graduated from New York University studying media, culture, and communication. In the nonprofit sector Roger has been exposed to non-profit administration, marketing, developing and teaching social justice curricula, as well as engaging in numerous volunteer opportunities. He is an adamant believer in the power of visual media in allowing people to better come to terms with their identity and wellbeing. For media related inquiries email

Lauren Pittenger

Web Designer & Developer

Lauren Pittenger is a website designer and developer committed to using her skills to help coaches and other mental health professionals get their work out to the world. To that end, she is thrilled to support the Seeing Happy project and looks forward to perhaps sharing some of her own photos.

Xena Wang

Partnerships and OutReach Cordinator

Xena (“Zenna”) Wang is an artist and museum enthusiast working in equity and access within higher education. As the Partnerships and Outreach Coordinator, she researches schools and non-profit organizations that also promote human flourishing for collaboration opportunities.
Xena is an ardent supporter of “a picture’s worth 1000 words” and especially loves SeeingHappy’s collection of family and nature photos!

Andrew Trousdale


Andrew Trousdale is a photographer from New York City. He works in the non-profit and education space.

He holds an undergraduate degree in English from Georgetown University, and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Alec Rill


As an efficiency engineer and later as a NYC disaster emergency manager Alec Rill had a professional career seeing the world as it is in order to improve it.

Alec has lived in several countries and traveled the world as a photographer, becoming familiar with the way people live and observing what makes people different but also similar. Those experiences enabled him to see the world as it is, as well as gave him the opportunity to present, via photography, a specific point of view. We see poverty, violence, discrimination, inequality, illness, and natural disasters all around us—but also happiness. How you see photos and what you see in them is a reflection of how you see the world. 

As a street photographer, Alec presents the world as a multicultural planet where each individual is unique and where happiness is ever-present. His photographs reveal the resilience of the human spirit despite the difficulties life presents. See more of Alec’s photography at

Alec is a member of the Soho Photo Gallery; he also leads a photography study group and will be teaching a street photography class at the City University of New York (CUNY).

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