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Let Them Be (Part 3/8)

Reading People (Part 2/8)

Alec’s Journey (Part 1/8)

coming Soon…


Yuzhi’s New Perspective

Freezing a Moment

Find Your Future

Timeless Storytelling

Photography Meditation

A Reason to Hug

The Science of Humor

Generosity: How Much is too much?

Thank You

SeeingHappy App

Positive Aging

Finding Your Playground

Forgiveness, Not Revenge

15 Minutes to Happy


Seeing Kindness

Seeing Heroism


Protecting Your Heart

Building Resilience

Finding More Through Less

SeeingHappy @ WOHASU

Healing the World through Photos

Pictures, Stories, Emotions!

Beautiful World + Jer’s Latest

Here is to 2022!

Echoes of New York

Happy Holidays + New Special Projects!

Seeing the World In a New Light

Which Objects Hold Meaning for You?

Hope and the Power of Art

Family Photos and Meaning

November: Exploring Community in and Outside of SeeingHappy

awe, positive spirals, mindful photography and cultivating curiosity

Green Exercise, Xena Wang & World Happiness Photo Contest 2021

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