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《儿时记忆》”Childhood Memories”

这大概是我三岁时候的生日照片,从小到大我每年生日都会照一套自己的相册,是爸爸妈妈这麽多年坚持下来的,能够记录我童年回忆的一种爱我的方式。我很感激,感激爸爸妈妈做到这一点,让我的人生不会因为长大而忘记刚来到这个世界时懵懂的模样,我的生命是宝贵的,是爸爸妈妈给予我的,我不会轻易说不,不会轻言放弃,因为我就是生命的延续,是两条生命的有形的延续,在浩瀚星河中我就是那颗独一无二的生命,我的意义就是活着,是延续,是扬帆起航。This is probably my birthday photo when I was three years old. Since I was a child, I would take a set of my own photo album every birthday. It is a way of loving me that my parents have persisted for so many years and can record my childhood memories. I am very grateful, grateful to my parents for doing this, so that my life will not forget the ignorant appearance when I first came to this world because of growing up, my life is precious, it was given to me by my parents, I will not Say no easily, and will not give up easily, because I am the continuation of life, the tangible continuation of two lives, in the vast galaxy, I am the unique life, my meaning is to live, to continue, to set sail. .

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