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A physiotherapist

Great Grandmother massaging the granddaughter’s forehead in the morning.
Grandmother acting as a physiotherapist is a custom that has been passed from generation to generation in Sri Lanka. When a newborn is at least one month old I begin. Massages are given to their forehead, nose, and ears. Sometimes even to legs, so they stay in good shape.
It happens in the last generation. And it has continued in this generation. Will enrich generations to come. And we bind together our society by these traditions of love and peace.
In Sri Lankan societies, grandparents play a huge role. They usually lived with their families, until they passed away. Grandparents take care of their grandchildren when their parents are not at home. They played with the grandchildren and nutritious them about good habits and our culture. They are the very bond that keeps our society together.
The time Absorbing to new technologies in our life (such as mobile phones, and computers) may come, but still, we love and respect our elders, so that we do not feel alone within our society.
We always see them as the roots of our life tree.
And This is life!

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