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Emotions Through Photos

Together with photographer and psychologist Mandy Seligman, Life in Motion Foundation is launching Emotions through photos, a unique pilot photo-project in Russia. 50 teenagers, aged 14 to 20 years old, from different orphanages and families in Russia will participate in this project.

What is the purpose of this project?

For children to feel emotions in a special way and take a look at their lives from a different perspective. During the course of two months these participants will create/capture thematic photos. The theme of the photos are linked to positive emotions, which they can feel every day – happiness, enjoyment, gratitude.


It could be absolutely anything! A tasty breakfast, green leaves of a beautiful tree or a portrait of a dear friend – sometimes we forget how many things can bring us positive emotions.
By creating and sharing photographic journal of moments that make you authentically happy, moments of beauty and love, moments that open a window into who you are, we believe you will build your wellbeing and your resilience and help you deal with life a little bit better.
Mandy Seligman
Author of the Project
Positive emotions increase our level of optimism. And when we are optimistic, it’s easier to solve problems in life and overcome challenges.
Natalya Shaginian-Needham
Co-author of the pilot project in Russia​
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