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Project Nuestra Hogar Eishel

Eishel is a Hebrew word found in Genesis 21:33. The full passage says, "He [Abraham] planted an Eishel in Beer-Sheba, and there he proclaimed the name of God of the Universe." There are various Talmudic interpretations of the word Eishel, but all agree that Abraham's intention was to provide hospitality.

This website uses the principles of Positive Psychology combined with still photography and storytelling to nudge people toward a better, flourishing life.  Participants are encouraged to take photos of themselves, family, acquaintances etc. and write a story or narrative about why the photo makes them happy.   We are piloting it in the Eishel, a progressive nursing home in Mexico utilizing the principles of Positive Psychology to facilitate the individual flourishing life.

Eventually the goal is to achieve a near universal implementation of these principles and for the Eishel to be known internationally as the destination where the Third Age can be a positive stage of life. Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about how we view aging in modern society.

"Adiós Armis" - Leon Golub

Te vemos por ahí ⊙ We see you there

"No es Patch Adams" - Leon Golub

Pero se parece ⊙ But it seems similar

Amor incondicional ✨ - Yomi Sánchez


"Elias" - Violeta García

Un buen momento ⊙ A good time

"Amanecer" - Rachel Aspani

Paz infinita ⊙ Infinite Peace

"Vive y Agradece" - Yanira Apolinar Hernández

Nada como sentirte libre, feliz en paz, ver lo maravilloso que Dios y la vida nos da con este bello atardecer en el Mar, solo puede uno decir Gracias Dios gracias Vida ⊙ Nothing like feeling free, happy in peace, seeing the wonderful things that God and life give us with this beautiful sunset at the Sea, only one can say Thank you God, thank you Life

"El chef Alberto mostrando postres" - Leon Golub

Una pequeña muestra del trabajo para festejar a las mamás ⊙ A small sample of the work to celebrate mothers

"Nieto y Bisnietos" - Leon Golub

Mucho amor el día de las madres, abuelas y bisabuelas. ⊙ Much love on mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers' day.

"Micromento de Conexión" - Rachel Aspani

Muy Feliz de haber compartido este hermoso momento colaboradores ⊙ Very happy to have shared this beautiful moment collaborators

"Madre e Hijo" - Celia Sod

Comiendo juntos ⊙ Eating together

"Despedida" - Lecita Rivera

Grandes compañeras ⊙ Great companions

"Mi Papá me Enseñó" - Leon Golub

Aprendiendo a tocar la marimba e conecté con mi papá ⊙ Learning to play the marimba and connecting with my dad

"Tabachines" - Rachel Aspani

Me sigue impresionando la belleza y el colorido de la naturaleza de Cuernavaca. Ver estos árboles y escuchar el canto de las aves al mismo tiempo es un gran regalo! ⊙ I continue to be impressed by the beauty and color of Cuernavaca's nature. Seeing these trees and hearing the birds sing at the same time is a great gift!

"Conexión" - Rafael Estrada

Terapia… ⊙ Therapy…

"Azules diversos" - Leon Golub

Mar playa y cielo ⊙ Sea beach and sky

"Paz en la marina" - Luis Katz

Apreciando los colores y la naturaleza ⊙ Appreciating colors and nature

"Felicidad" - Melania Diego

Paletas de sandía para endulzar el día ⊙ Watermelon popsicles to sweeten the day


Mi nieta que a venido hacerme mejor persona ⊙ My granddaughter who has come to make me a better person

"Amor Reciproco" - Yanira Apolinar Hernández

La charitable sabe que es parte de nuestra familia ⊙ La charitable knows that she is part of our family

"Todo con chile piquín" -Leon Golub

Huevo, papas y por su puesto chile piquín ⊙ Egg, potatoes and of course chili piquín

"Resiliencia" - Diana Bastián

Gracias por las grandes enseñanzas!!❤️ ⊙ Thanks for the great teachings!!❤️

"Gracias…" - Rafael Estrada

Paz, belleza… ⊙ Peace, beauty…

"Ilusión" - Diana Bastián

Un día cualquiera, ve uno cosas increíbles ⊙ On any given day, you see incredible things.

"La Pantera"

Mi gato Laila ⊙ My cat Laila

"Calidad de vida" - Leon Golub

La Vexes llena de alegría ⊙ The Vexes full of joy

"No más muro de los lamentos" - Leon Golub

Gracias a la vida ⊙ Thanks to life

"Today the sun shining on me" - Mario Reyes

El sol brilla en el Eishel. ⊙ The sun shines on the Eishel.

"Baby asistente Geriatrico" - Faby

Mis 2 hijas son mi motor cada día, y el motivo principal, de mi 💕FELICIDAD💕 ⊙ My 2 daughters are my driving force every day, and the main reason for my 💕HAPPINESS💕

"Inspiración" - Ave Fénix

Me inspira, lo maravilloso que es dios, y que cuando algo o alguien quiere sobresalir no hay obstáculos para hacer lo imposible posible. Bendecido dia. ⊙ It inspires me how wonderful God is, and that when something or someone wants to excel there are no obstacles to making the impossible possible. Blessed day.

"Familia" - Amparo

Los Mejores momentos en familia ⊙ The best family moments

"Felicidades Marros" - Leon Golub

Tod@s te queremos u respetamos ⊙ We all love and respect you

"Sunset" - Leon Golub

Barra Vieja ⊙ Old bar

The Third Age is a social term that refers to the last decades of life, in which one approaches the maximum age that the human being can live. In this stage of the life cycle, there is a decline of structures that had been developed in the previous stages, such as physical decline, cognitive, emotional and social. The specific age varies from country to country, depending on socio-cultural, institutional, economic and political factors. For example, the third age in Spain is considered to be from 65 years, while in Colombia, Mexico and Peru it starts at 60 years of age.

In Japan, old age is a status symbol; it is common for travelers checking in to hotels to be asked their age to ensure that they will receive the appropriate deference. In contrast, in the United States aging is generally considered undesirable.   Historically disciplines that address this stage (Geriatrics) deal with prevention, cure and rehabilitation of diseases in the elderly.

Historically, psychology used to be a science focused on alleviating mental illness until martin Seligman came up with the notion of Positive Psychology.  While classical psychology focuses on what can go wrong, Positive Psychology is designed to look at what can go right.

Many countries have “nursing homes” which are institutions that, sometimes with the inclusion of specialized gerontological services, care for the elderly, The emphasis is in curing and caring for the infirm elderly.   Today, thanks to the emphasis on Positive Psychology, More and more nursing homes are offering programs fostering well-being in the elderly.

Programs such as The Art of Happiness, The Mental Fitness Program for Positive Aging and other have shown very positive results. They have shown an improvement over time for subjective happiness, decreased mood state of tiredness, and mindfulness constructs of non-judging and non-reactivity, stress, and satisfaction with life.

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