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Basir Ahmed, Age – 20 from Islampur, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, India. A specially abled child from his childhood. He can’t speak properly. As a child six years ago, one day, during school time, he somehow tripped over an 11,000 volt power line that passed over the school playground. One of his hands was amputated in that accident. But laughter did not disappear from his life. He can laugh with open mind. Laughs with everyone and tries to explain his thought. There is a hero hidden inside him, which helps him become a hero in life. Even in a thousand hardships, his smile is unfathomable. He does not express sorrow for the hands but laughs at the happiness of others, dances with everyone during the festival. Society could not hold him back. He learned to live, free smile always on his face. He is free among all, equally involved in the fight for survival.

Photographer – Raju Das
Device – Canon 200 D II
Place – Islampur, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal, India

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