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In Motion: Imperial with ‘SeeingHappy’ Photography Challenge

Starting 3 April 2024
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Encouraging celebration and movement to envision an even brighter future within the Imperial community. Sponsored and administered by Imperial College London and SeeingHappy.

DATE: Accepting submissions April 3rd (12am GMT) 2024  – May 13th (5:00 pm GMT) 2024.

The winner will be announced on May 13th, 2024 at Imperial College London. Please see the Photo Competition Terms and Conditions for all applicable rules and policies.

PRIZE: £100 books voucher awarded to the winner of the contest to further prototype an idea. Judges to be determined.

PROMPT: Let’s celebrate the best of the Imperial community as part of UK Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 and move to celebrate the present and envision our future together! Show us what makes the Imperial community special and how we’re moving towards an even brighter future. Whether it’s everyday happiness, vibrant street art, or people coming together in public spaces, capture the essence of community spirit and progress. Submit photos with titles and captions showcasing the Imperial community’s strengths and aspirations. Share your vision for a future filled with unity, creativity, and positivity.

Join the Imperial Competition

To enter the Imperial Photography Challenge, you must sign up for a SeeingHappy account with an email address – and submit your photos from that account.


Since May of 2021, SeeingHappy has been on a mission to showcase how even in the darkest times, there is still room for happiness and hope. Through thousands of photographs capturing these moments of joy, we’ve demonstrated that paying attention to the little things can ignite a spiral of optimism, fostering everyday happiness, resilience, and hope. In conjunction with our upcoming exhibition at Imperial University, we are looking to inspire upward spirals within the Imperial Community.

Behind the Collaboration

This joint partnership, In Motion: Imperial ‘SeeingHappy’ Photography Challenge, beautifully aligns with Imperial’s mission of achieving enduring collaboration, innovation, and excellence for the benefit of society. Just as Imperial strives for innovation, collaboration and excellence in research and education across various disciplines, the prompt encourages celebration and movement to envision an even brighter future within the Imperial community.

Participants showcase the essence of community spirit and progress by capturing everyday happiness and communal gatherings, reflecting Imperial’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. Additionally, the prompt’s emphasis on unity, creativity, and positivity mirrors the pillars of success central to Imperial’s mission. Moreover, the prize of £100 to further prototype ideas fosters the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit encouraged within the Imperial community, contributing to the ongoing pursuit of excellence and societal impact. Overall, this partnership is a powerful manifestation of Imperial’s mission and values, inspiring individuals to actively shape a better future for themselves and society.

How to Participate

To submit a photo for the competition:

  1. Ensure the photo is original.
  2. Locate the submission section.
  3. Use your Imperial email address.
  4. Follow the prompts to upload your photo.
  5. Provide necessary information (title, description, etc.).
  6. Confirm submission.
  7. Await confirmation of successful upload.
  8. Visit the SeeingHappy exhibition at the South Kensington campus between the 13 and 15 May and find your picture.

Thank you for taking part. We cannot wait to see your photography!

Selection Criteria

The panel of judges will sift submissions against eligibility criteria (see below) and the following themes:

Technical skill: What are the technical qualities of the image, including clarity, lighting and framing?

Impact: Does the image capture the imagination of the viewer? Is it likely to inspire?

Communication: Is the caption accessible to someone outside of the Imperial community and does it describe the image and its message accurately? Does it complement the image and enhance its impact?

Competition photos will be presented at the SeeingHappy @ Imperial Photography Exhibition from May 13th-15th during the UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week- “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”.

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