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Never give up

Me and my friend went to bear grylls adventure in birmingham. Many things went wrong this day. From trains not running as planned, machines not working and time slots being switched so we could not do either of the activities we went there to do. I even wacked my head really hard off a metal bar bending down to put my leftover lunch in the bin lol. We joked that the day was cursed. Despite all this we made the most of the situation and still had a blast. We were supposed to be doing indoor skydiving and climbing but instead we ended up doing an army assault course, axe throwing and an outdoor zip line. My favourite part of the day sitting in a little cafe with my friend having a brew in our new matching mugs that say “never give up”. The phrase really summed up the day. Whatever happened we never gave up and had a great time together. “Its not about what you do, its who you do it with”

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