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A Home-run on “NEEDS ME”


We are nearing the end for our first ever photo competition, “NEEDS ME”. Every day we are amazed by the unparalleled creativity and perspective you all have brought to this competition. It is incredibly inspiring to see the unique ways the SeeingHappy community contributes to the world. If you haven’t had a chance to look at all of the entrants thus far we recommend you see for yourself:

You all truly hit a home-run with your photos. We will be announcing the winner on the first of February. Stay tuned!

The Central Park Softball Leagues

Alec Rill, one of our team members from SeeingHappy, has created a blog showcasing how photography can be used to illuminate the power of community and togetherness. Through tracing the past and future of softball leagues in New York City, Alec weaves together a narrative (led by his camera) which reveals how society could learn a thing or two from playing ball. See below to find the latest chapters, 2 through 5, in this inspiring series:

If you have a story which uses photography to tell stories of community and hope, we would love to hear from you!

Next time we will introduce you to some of our latest community projects!

The Team at SeeingHappy


The team here at SeeingHappy are all photographers who enjoy the process of creating memorable photos. We are a mix of educators striving to share their knowledge and psychologists dedicated to increasing happiness in the world.

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