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Can we choose happiness?

Dear Friends,

This week we are spotlighting a photograph by Greg Wojciechowska.

Take a look here:

Up in the air by Greg Wojciechowski

We love the simplicity of the photograph with the subtle color differences and orientations of the two boats.

This week an interesting question arose at the Seligman breakfast table: Can we choose happiness? After much back and forth we came to the conclusion that the answer is “it depends…” Of course it depends! But one thing seems clear – we can’t choose if we don’t know we have a choice. SeeingHappy is dedicated to letting people know that we do have a choice in whether or not we choose to be happy. There are steps we can take to improve our wellbeing. Not always of course – it is tough to choose happiness when we are grieving or we are sick – but there are times when we do have a choice.

Positive psychology tells us that when we are feeling down we should go out and help another person, we should smile even if we are sad, we should count our blessings, we should connect with another person and truly listen to what they have to say not just wait for our turn to speak. We should go for a walk. We should try to find the humor in our situation and laugh at ourselves.

These are all simple, small actions we can take that can have big effects in the world and come back to us in an upward spiral of positivity.

We might feel blue but we always don’t have to stay that way – we can choose happiness and take a photo to remind ourselves.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from all of you.

The Team here at SeeingHappy


The team here at SeeingHappy are all photographers who enjoy the process of creating memorable photos. We are a mix of educators striving to share their knowledge and psychologists dedicated to increasing happiness in the world.

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