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Time Travel to 1934

Dear Friends,

The SeeingHappy Team got together this month and took a field trip to NYC. We visited the Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, and saw the exhibition:

Richard J. Scheuer 1934 Passport Photo

Street Visions included remarkable photographs by a young American, Richard Scheuer, on a trip through pre-war Europe with his father in 1934. While the photos were developed shortly after Scheuer’s trip, they were not printed until 2018 (ten years after his death).

They tell the story of a moment in time when the world was at peace and people could go on with their daily lives. They are beautiful and nostalgic with no hint of the horror to come.

This series reminds us how every photo we take serves as a time capsule for future generations to come:

Cattle Market (Races Étrangères), Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France

Man in Dalmatian Costume, Yugoslavia

Men in Front of Clothing Store, Warsaw, Poland
Street Market, Yugoslavia
Men with Prayer Shawls, Warsaw, Poland

The Team at SeeingHappy


The team here at SeeingHappy are all photographers who enjoy the process of creating memorable photos. We are a mix of educators striving to share their knowledge and psychologists dedicated to increasing happiness in the world.

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