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Primals – everybody needs everybody

Competition: “take a picture that other people can identify with, that remind us that the world needs us”.

I have been taken pictures for years of a beautiful community of softball players in Central Park. When the “Kings” won this year, the pitcher proposed to his girlfriend (knee bent on home plate). Can you identify with this picture, does it bring feelings and emotions?

It reminds us of the picture of our newly wed parents, of ourselves, of our children, of how we are all needed as individuals to keep the world going but it also reminds us of how we are part of a community and how the community needs us and how the world needs communities to survive and thrive. Look a the happy face of the bride but look carefully at the faces of the team members in the back, equally happy, and crying of joy because happiness is contagious and they are happy for their team. We are all members of the “human” team! Play ball!!!!!!

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