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After Having told my mom about Seeing Happy she has been more attuned to unexpected moments of joy. While my mom has never had social media, she has always loved turning to her phone camera as a means of appreciating the beauty of everyday life. As her son, I really love being able to see her continue to find joy through her photography via Seeing Happy.

Roger Irwin

This colorful exhibition of meerkats caught my eye as I was walking through a shopping center in Miami. I later learned that the meerkats represent a community working together despite hardships that may come their way. It made me think about how difficult our lives have been over the past couple of years and that our hope is that we can all come together and support each other with love and encouragement.

Dona Irwin

Meerkat Exhibit

Dona’s photo depicts the colorful meerkat sculptures hosted by the Shops at Merrick Park. They partnered with artist collective, Cracking Art, to create an exhibition of colorful meerkat sculptures made of recycled plastic. The exhibition is meant to inspire conversations about caring for our environment and each other.

Dona Irwin's Photo, "Colorful Creatures"
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