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哈尔滨是一个不需要美颜与滤镜的城市,在某个下课后的傍晚,只要你留心生活,便不难发现如画一般的夕阳。都说大自然的创造的美是鬼斧神工,上帝似乎把人类一切对于傍晚的美都分给了哈尔滨,当忙碌的大学生与老师结束了一天的课程抬眼远眺,目及皆是美得不加修饰的晚霞,像极了初中时代懵懂的少年在远处怯怯地望着自己的初恋,羞涩,隐晦,更是一种难以掩盖,难以言表的幸福。Harbin is a city that does not need beauty and filters. On a certain evening after class, as long as you pay attention to your life, it is not difficult to find a picturesque sunset. It is said that the beauty created by nature is uncanny. God seems to have distributed all the beauty of human beings to Harbin. When busy college students and teachers finish their day’s classes and look up, they can see the beauty everywhere. The modified sunset looks like an ignorant teenager in junior high school timidly looking at his first love in the distance, shy and obscure, and it is a kind of happiness that cannot be concealed and cannot be expressed in words

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