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复读的收获 Gains from repeat reading

复读一年从三本没考上到考上了 211,在这里遇见很多很好的同学和老师,上了自己梦中情校,复读的那时候一年总在想我要考上这里,真的收到录取通知书的时候,感觉很不一样,或许以前很多事没有做成功,是因为更好的在后边

I went from failing to pass the exam in three books to passing the 211 exam. I met many good classmates and teachers here and went to the school of my dreams. When I was repeating the exam, I always thought that I was going to pass the exam here. I really When I received the admission notice, I felt very different. Maybe I had not succeeded in many things before because better things were ahead.
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