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生命的意义在于旅行 The Meaning of Life is to travel

这张照片是我2019年8月于瑞士阿尔卑斯山拍摄的。山明水秀,花草缤纷,零零点点的欧式乡村小屋,童话故事里的小镇在瑞士体现的淋漓尽致。我热爱旅行,也向往旅行,我曾去过9个国家,见过海边朝晖,也见过林间曦光;见过戈壁荒漠,也见过绿茵草原。常有人说:要么读书,要么旅行,身体和灵魂,必须有一个在路上。但其实,旅行时如果只有身体在路上,除了徒增辛劳,又何足道?我认为,生命的意义在于旅行。旅行时,我们不单为的是看那三山五岳,亭台楼阁,更是为了尝那文化意蕴,人生百味。旅行不但让身体从平凡的日常中解放,得到新的体验,也必定让心灵有所触动,得到新的感悟。我期待疫情早日散去,可以背上行箧,再出发。This photo was taken by me in the Swiss Alps in August 2019. With beautiful landscapes, colorful flowers and plants, and a little bit of European-style country cottages, the towns in fairy tales are vividly reflected in Switzerland. I love to travel and yearn for travel. I have been to 9 countries, I have seen the sunrise by the seaside, I have seen the light in the forest; I have seen the Gobi desert, and I have seen the green grassland. It is often said: Either study or travel, one must be on the way for body and soul. But in fact, if only the body is on the road when traveling, what else is there to do except increase the hard work? I think the meaning of life is to travel. When we travel, we not only want to see the three mountains and five mountains, pavilions and pavilions, but also to taste the cultural connotation and taste of life. Travel not only frees the body from ordinary daily life and obtains new experiences, but also touches the soul and obtains new insights. I hope that the epidemic will dissipate as soon as possible, so I can carry the line and set off again.

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