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转折 Turning Point

高中情绪不好导致身体出了些许问题,暑假期间住院治疗,很不想配合治疗,就在这时一个人的出现把我从泥泞中拉了出来,很感谢也很庆幸,当时的滴滴点点已经记不太清,只记得那天很开心,想时间永远停留在那一刻,可我知道这很不现实,那是我人生的一个转折点,所以从那以后的每一天我都在用心生活,积极的面对每一天。The bad mood in high school led to some physical problems. During the summer vacation, I was hospitalized for treatment. I didn’t want to cooperate with the treatment. At this moment, a person appeared and pulled me out of the mud. I am very grateful and very fortunate. I don’t remember very clearly, I just remember that I was very happy that day, and I wanted time to stay at that moment forever, but I knew it was unrealistic, it was a turning point in my life, so every day since then I have been living my life with my heart and being positive. face every day.

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