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My birthday games night

I loved doing this I laughed so hard I cried most of the evening. These memories made will last a lifetime. These two mean the world me. The theme this year was “favorites”. We had to wear our favorite colour and bring our favorite snack and game.

I wore pink and perple and brought the talent show game and soreen bars.

Paula wore blue and brought pringles and a game called stupid deaths.

Caprice doesn’t have a favorite colour so she wore

I set them both secret tasks and they aced them. Paula’s was to get Caprice to do a cowboy dance move. Caprices was to get Paula to comment on caprices bowel movements. It was so funny watching them both in action as the other didn’t know that they had a secret mission too. The stuff these girls have to put up with lol. It why I love them so dearly. They don’t ever judge me, they just laugh at my idea then continue to roll it. They really made it special for me.

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