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Knowsley safari park

My birthday suprise. My sister organised a full day out for my birthday. She kept everything a secret from me even as we were traveling there. I did not find out until I saw a sign that said we were going to…. Knowsley safari Park. It was such a lovely day out with lots of love and laughter in the mix. We went around the safari in the car and a monkey took a piece off my sisters car. Not ideal but it was quite funny at the time (shes going to have fun explaining what happened to the mechanic lol). We saw a sealion show which was so funny. We then when out for tea which to my suprise actually had some low fat food and a desert I could have. I’d give the food a solid 15/10. Was too good lol.

It meant so much to me that they all had planned this just for me. I am very aprecoative as they must have spent a fortune on the whole day plus my tea. I could have been sitting in the house for all I cared because to me it wasn’t about what we did it or how much we spent it was about the fact I was spending time with the people I love. Bonus that it was somewhere that I’d actually been wanting to go too for a long time lol. Just shows how well they know me, that they would think i would like to go there.

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