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Summer has come. Let’s touch the ground barefoot!


Look at the ground.
Observe what is on it.
Squat down and touch it.
Put your whole palms on the ground.
Notice sensations from the ground under your palms.

Hold your hands still for a moment.
Feel and name what you feel:
I feel warm.
I feel damp.
I feel cold.
I feel the dry earth.
I feel the flow of energy.
I feel the touch.
I feel my skin.

Close your eyes and keep exploring the ground with your palms. Touch it gently,
then harder.
Could you get to know it?
What do you notice?
Earth lumps, protuberances, pebbles, sand, and leaves.
Take it gently between your fingers.
How do your feelings and mood change?
You may notice joy or curiosity.
Does this kind of exploration
feel good?

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Take off your shoes. Stand barefoot.
Redirect your attention to the sensations in your feet.
How is the ground against your feet?
What is its temperature and its moisture?
Is it soft or hard?
Experiment by walking on sand, pebbles,
grass, and dry leaves.
Look at it,
what you notice under your feet.
This mindfulness starts in your feet
and reaches your body and mind.

It is also a massage.
Through your feet
you gently stimulate the nervous system and
and you activate the means of healing.

The Touch of the Earth

Touch of the earth is healing.
Mindfulness and presence are calming.
Awareness through the senses is grounding.
Curiosity and discovery introduce an element of playfulness and carefreeness.

Dorota Raniszewska

Dorota Raniszewska

I’m fascinated by photography as a means to experience and express ourselves. I’ve been developing my practice of photography in personal growth since 2007. My experience includes coaching, team facilitation, personal growth programs for women, and teacher education. My passion is the inspiring, creative work with people that supports their self-fulfilment and care. I’m a certified professional coach and mentor. Accredited EMCC Coach and Mentor – Senior Practitioner level. Accredited IC Coach. Author of “ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS”.

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