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Looking Closer

Sounds like Roger’s advice: Slow down, go for a walk and pay attention. But Roger also goes on to say sometimes he was not able to capture the moment in a single snap. In fact he went back to his camera to “look beneath” what he was seeing. He ended up photographing the light in various stunning ways.

Under the Surface by ROGER IRWIN. April, 2024.

Roger’s experience reflects my own experience and I wanted to share that with you. My love affair with photography began really when a friend gifted me a macro lens for my camera. All of a sudden the world looked different. I was enchanted by what I saw through the viewfinder – mystery, beauty, and awe all entwined in a piece of sea glass or a sliver of ice.  My world from that day forward has been both small and expansive – filled with awe for nature’s beauty all around me. 

I recently started a project using extenders on my macro lens to capture crystals up close. The depth of focus is literally paper thin. I want to share these with you because these images make me very happy. I hope you will enjoy them also.

Take a moment and take your own close up. You can easily and cheaply get a macro attachment for a smart phone – I urge you to try it out. You will be amazed at what you see.

Mandy Seligman

Mandy Seligman is the founder of SeeingHappy, a nonprofit whose mission it is to promote wellbeing through photography using positive psychology. She is a psychologist who believes that we can all benefit from using using positive psychology at every stage of life.

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