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RiverSpring Living Gratitude

Community Photography Project

RiverSpring Living serves older adults of all faiths through compassionate care and vibrant community
engagement. Guided by Jewish values and our non-profit mission, we advocate and celebrate a vision of
empowered aging.

We have created this Story as part of Seeing Happy’s project to promote happiness and well-being by
sharing photographs taken by residents and clients of RiverSpring Living, their families, staff, visitors,
and volunteers. We are contributing photographs to Seeing Happy’s gratitude collection and focusing on
how shining a light on what we are grateful for increases our own happiness.

This project has been a team effort that seeks to build community and foster the values of our
organization. We have collected photographs as well as facilitated the participation of older adults who
might otherwise not have been able to participate on their own. We are grateful to share these images
with you!

Happiness – Jaqueline W.

This is a painting I made here in the ALP. The painting is hung above my bed and when I see it every day, it makes me smile.

All Smiles – Nick Kinas

Aaliyah Francis, one of our HOPE students, works in our Material Management Department delivering items throughout the RiverSpring Campus.

Sightseeing – Peter Stan

When I am on tour with the band l am always happy to go sightseeing. Here is a photo of me at La Jolla, San Diego.

My Birthday – Phyllis F.

I enjoyed my birthday. The staff here are great and I appreciate them all. They made my birthday weekend even more enjoyable.

Lake George – Laura Meza

Lake George Is my happy place.  A place where I can never go to, too many times. 

ALP Sip N’ Paint – Beatrice Young

I enjoy the programs in the ALP and around the Riverspring campus. Sip N’ Paint is full of laughter, smiles, and concentration, and the hard work pays off!

Connection – Beth Grossfeld

I grew up in a hockey household. The New York Rangers were the team that we cheered for. My father passed away when I was 19. Many years later, my brother and I decided to start going to Ranger games together and I am certain that my dad is with us at Madison Square Garden […]


I love watching residents create unique things using the yarn and they enjoy it.

Scarecrow Team – Susan C.

“We’re a great team working together in the art studio. We complement each other,” Christian says. “Miriam does the background and I do the details.”

Peach Cobbler Heaven – Eddie Rodriguez

This piece of heaven was given as dessert at the ALR Family Brunch. Everyone enjoyed the peach cobbler and I heard so many raves when the spoonful touched the guests lists. Amazing!

Appreciation – Gerald Nelson

I appreciate all the programs and hard work from Riverspring. I am big on APPRECIATION AND GRATITUDE. I’ve enjoyed showing my painting skills during ALP’s Sip N’ Paint events.

Riverdale Painting – Leona Marks

My painting, “Riverdale”, was chosen to be included in the LeadingAge New York traveling exhibit of 2023 using my home here at RiverSpring for inspiration.

Museum Feature – Kate Resek

I was honored to have my drawing accepted in the Derfner Judaica Museum and Art Collection. I am so happy and proud and was also featured in the ALP Monthly Buzz Newsletter!

Tailgate Party with Winnings – Armand A.

I won a hooded sweater at the ALP Tailgate Party, featuring the battle of New York when the Giants played the Jets. I was so happy to have won his sweater from the football boxes!

Best Friends – Aida L. and Joan J.

This is our photo from Grandparents Day. Our friendship was made when we both came to RiverSpring, and we have been best friends ever since.

My Best Self – Beth Grossfeld

I was painfully shy as a child and my parents thought that a summer away at camp may help me open up.  I spent my first summer at Eisner Camp and have never looked back.  Even today, when I drive through the gate, I know that I am free.  This is the place where I […]

Kida – Esther Perez

Residents love it when Kida visits. It reminds them of the dogs they had while growing up.

Persaud Gallery – Migdalia Persaud

I’m proud to show my paintings in my room. I follow in my brother’s footsteps. I’m trying to become an artist myself. He was very nice to donate the paintings to the nursing home, which are outside my door. I want to continue with my dreams so I can become a better artist.

Peace – K. Dobosu

The water gives me a sense of peace and helps me find myself.

The Enchanted Fish Tank – Wanda Hughes

The beautiful picture of the fish tank at work always brightens my day. Seeing residents stopping by and watching the fish swim gracefully is heartwarming. Their smiles and moments of tranquility are a daily reminder of the positive impact we can create in our shared space.

Riding the Wave of Life – Lesley S.

I’ve always been drawn to the water, especially the ocean. I am grateful to be able to always come back to the water to connect back to the earth and escape from the busy world around us.

My Bestfriend Bear – Debi C.

This is. my best friend Bear. He thinks that he is a 10-pound lap dog. He makes everyone’s life happy. Bear likes running all around the yard playing with his ball and toys, and looking out the window. He is a happy dog and puts a smile on everyone’s face who encounters him.

Aviation – Elijah D.

This photo means many things to me but overall I love Aviation. I always wanted to be a pilot or work in the Aviation/Airlines industry. Dream big.

Adventures with Aunt Beth – Beth Grossfeld

When my niece and nephew were born, I promised them that I would always give them advice, hugs, and amazing memories. As they got older, we planned an annual Adventure with Aunt Beth and we have made MANY amazing memories.

Survivors – Susan C.

Last year I traveled in the beautiful country of Mexico. The street art was bright and colorful, full of optimism, despite sometimes having a serious subject. It’s something I remember vividly, especially when I look back at my photos. I’m grateful to have been able to travel, and meet new people, and to learn how […]

Calming Water – Anne Weisbrod

Grateful for when I am able to sit, looking out at the water and the boats. It feels so good to be so relaxed and worry-free.

Joe Cardoso and Niece – Diana O.

I am grateful for our incredible Social Worker Robin Bernard who has supported us every step of the way and for the First Floor nurse’s station. Evellyn and the staff, including Charles, have been caring, attentive and efficient. I’m grateful for all those in PT, OT, activity specialists, and those who serve and prepare meals. […]

 Delicate Arch, Arches National Park – Keith Gosselin

This picture makes me grateful and happy because it reminds me of the day my wife, Victoria, and I hiked to Delicate Arch with our children, MacKenzie 1 y.o., and Nadia 9 y.o. It is a family photo with all of us. The beauty of this structure and the peaceful feeling of the ambiance are […]

Me and Wandafull Wanda – Al Cappiello

My exercise therapist, my friend, my teacher, and a beautiful person. WANDAFULL Wanda who has helped so many people, especially me ❤️❤️

Fall Colors – Susan C.

I am grateful for the beauty of this campus, especially in the fall. It is a beautiful place to come to work each day.

RiverSpring Living is dedicated to helping older adults live full lives. For over 100 years, we have been committed to healthy aging and the highest quality of life through innovative programs and service designed to meet the evolving needs of older adults, including the nationally recognized Hebrew Home at Riverdale, managed long-term care, independent and assisted living, home care, and specialized services such as elder justice and memory care. We empower over 18,000 patients, residents, and members to live forward every day.

Our goal is to provide care in a warm, homelike environment, in a manner which preserves and enhances independence and dignity, and in a way where older adults can live, learn, and flourish. For more information visit

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