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My happiness is to be with my love.


Someone once whispered to me on QQ when I was happy. When I first saw this, I really didn’t know what happiness is. Maybe it’s eating delicious food, maybe listening to nice songs, or passing the final exam Maybe it’s because you don’t have to wait in a long line to get on the school bus, maybe it’s because you have someone to accompany you all the time, maybe it’s because you have a lot of good friends you can chat with, maybe it’s because you have a lot of money, maybe it’s because dreams can come true. Later, when I thought about it carefully, I found that the time when I was really happy was when I was with the person I liked, whether it was chatting or eating together, or watching the magnificent scenery together, or doing nothing, Just stay together quietly, at that moment it seems that the air is sweet, but later, it is difficult for me to like someone again, I don’t know if my vision is higher or the people I can contact become less, but I very much hope that the person I like will appear and really make me feel happy. If we have the opportunity, we will see a lot of scenery, because every second with the person I like is happy and happy😆

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