The Photographer’s Social Responsibility

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This week you will be able to read Alec’s final blog in which he talks about the difference between street photography and documentary photography. Both can tell a story. What story will you tell?

Alec says that although he describes himself as a street photographer he sometimes finds himself in a situation that calls for a social comment. This is very different to the “calling” of a social justice documentary photojournalist such as Sandra Hoyn.

Here is a beautiful photo she took of two young girls, Pakhi, 15 years, and Mim, 19 years for her series “The Longings of Others”:

This was a series of photographs depicting the lives of girls and women in the Kandapara brothel in the district of Tangail, Bangladesh. It is the oldest and second-largest in the country.

It is a series that sheds light to not just the life stories of the sex workers, but also a story which can be traced back 200 years. Photography can help us look at situations that we might otherwise turn away from and show our common humanity. That we believe is a worthy aim, whatever we photograph.

The Team at SeeingHappy

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