Which Objects Hold Meaning for You?

Dear Friends

There are many reasons why photography is a special artform. One is the fact that we can use photographs to capture, document and remember the people, places, moments and objects that are meaningful to us. 

Indeed, we naturally seek meaning. What’s more, we naturally strive to make meaning out of our surroundings and objects. Photography taps into this innate desire for meaning. Indeed, you can often tell what is meaningful to people based on the things they take photographs of. Some of us keep photos of our family or our dogs. Others keep photos of foreign destinations, or major accomplishments. 

Importantly, most of the things that are meaningful to us are not innately meaningful. Instead we place meaning in certain things based on the relationships, experiences or beliefs they may signify to us. In fact, in her book The Power of Meaning, Emily Esfahani Smith discusses how meaning is something we create for ourselves, largely by reframing how we see and interpret experiences. 

Photographs are powerful because they remind us where we see meaning in the world. This month, we will focus on this idea – please take photographs of the ordinary objects that are meaningful to you. 

We look forward to seeing which objects you place meaning in.

The SeeingHappy Team

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