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Quality time

It was my nephews birthday today. Me, my nephews, my mum, the girls, Rebecca, ethan and maria all went to Christmas by the sea. We all spent some great quality time together. I’ve alway wanted to go on the big swing ride and this year they had a booster/spin Doctor too which I’ve seen loads on videos and alway wanted to have go. My nephew asked if I would go on both of these with him. On the swing ride I told him of my one ride rule. My rule for any ride is your hands have to be in the air the whole time. He joked and said we should dance whilst on the Spin doctor/booster ride. I know I danced on that ride it was so fun. My nephew said he did but I couldn’t see him due to the safety restraints. After the ride was finished and we were getting off he said to me that it was his favourite ride he went on. Was the loveliest time made even better Lewis being his sweet and kind self.

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