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Spotlight: Cathy Jackson

Behind the Lens: CATHY JACKSON

Meet the photographers of SeeingHappy. Each photographer is nominated by another member of our community.

“The happiness that I get from photography begins with picking up my camera and is ignited several times along the entire process. It is both tangible and intangible. I love seeing the wonderful pictures submitted by so many people – they often give me pause to reflect on so many joys that people are capturing. SeeingHappy is so aptly named!”

In each of Cathy Jackson’s 343 photos she exudes the essence of why we started SeeingHappy: make the world happier by encouraging others to be mindful of the good, to focus on it (literally), share one photo at a time, and create a communal work of art. 

Ever since Cathy’s first photo was submitted on May 9th in 2021 (pictured below), it has been a pleasure to see her happiness evolve throughout SeeingHappy’s existence. To put it simply, SeeingHappy would not be SeeingHappy without Cathy Jackson.


New Hope PA at sunset as seen from Lambertville NJ. The reflection of the lights danced and sparkled on the River as the geese began to settle in for the night.

“I will often post a picture that I see as “in keeping” with the theme of one of your latest topics, and also with the overall theme of Happiness and positivity. Having a theme to draw on can help inspire me to post a shot (or 300!!)”

Cathy Jackson first learned about SeeingHappy from one of her friends, and the rest was history. Cathy, a lifelong lover of photography, demonstrates what it means to be an enthusiast. Whether it is photographing moments of connection, beautiful landscapes, adorable animals, or vibrant varieties of vegetation, Cathy’s photographs celebrate the beauty that can be uncovered in moments both large and small. 

“I strongly believe that the feeling that you matter, that your existence on the earth is somehow touching another person in a positive way, is the most important feeling to have. I know from my own experience that if I feel like I don’t matter – whether at work or in my personal life – I don’t have energy or enthusiasm. I am so very excited about the direction that SeeingHappy is growing – it’s a wonderful journey with endless opportunities for joy.”

Thank you Cathy for sharing your wonderful eye for all things positive as well as your infectious enthusiasm for making the world a better place. We love you!

Explore below to see a selection of Cathy’s Photos:


The team here at SeeingHappy are all photographers who enjoy the process of creating memorable photos. We are a mix of educators striving to share their knowledge and psychologists dedicated to increasing happiness in the world.

9 thoughts on “Spotlight: Cathy Jackson”

  1. Avatar
    JeanneMarie Stagnitta

    I was privileged enough to have Cathy at our wedding! Some of our most favorite pictures are the ones she took! She has an amazing eye! She is beyond gifted!! I love looking at her pictures!

    1. Avatar

      ❤️ thank you JeanneMarie ❤️ great pictures come naturally in a setting full of love and happiness

      Love you! 💜

  2. Avatar

    I’ve known Cathy for many years, and have always loved her photos. She has a talent and an eye for all things beautiful and interesting. No matter what the subject, her photos always make me happy!

  3. Avatar

    Having known Cathy for a long time, I really love her photos. Through her lens, her passion for capturing moments and telling stories shines in every photography. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Avatar

      ❤️ Thank you, Janice! You have such an eye for all things beautiful, and such a great gift of capturing light and shadows in spectacular ways!
      Love you! ❤️

  4. Avatar

    Such a talent in one little human! I enjoyed looking through these so much. The beauty and happiness you were able to capture, and each shot is magnificent. Thank you for sharing your gift.💗

  5. Avatar
    Andrea Sagolla

    I adore Cathy!
    These photos are beautiful and show off some of her artistic talents of which she has many! ☀️🌻❤️

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