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The Games

Chapter 7: The Games – PLAY BALL

The Central Park Softball LeaguesA BLOG SERIES BY ALEC RILL

Keeping Score

Now that we met the players and learned where they come from and how the Central Park fields culture created over 100+ years gave birth to this beautiful community, let’s see them play and remember: no pain no gain!

Batting while bending the bat

Stealing base


Who said softball is strictly for humans!

Your gonna need bigger shoes!

A coed game

Some use their heads

Ballet dancers are welcome

To wash…or… not to wash, that’s the question

No pain… no gain….. he gained A LOT!

Friends don’t let friends have pain



Hasta la vista

Alec Rill

I am a street photographer documenting the world as I see it through my camera. I try to show the range of human emotions wherever I go, whether it is to far away places or across the street.

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