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September 2021

Crazy stuff

Having spent the morning working in film I decided to do a little Snapseed filtering – so much fun and instant gratification – here is another Klimt underneath two more photos. I love that photography gives us so many ways to explore our creativity.

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Often when my wife and I travel we find ourselves at destinations much different than that of what we are accustomed. Although our country has its shortcomings I have great Appreciation for the standard of living I enjoy.

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Gentle Swells

Watching the soft swells of oceans brings a calmness over me. However I am aware of the violent rage they are capable of becoming. Reminds me of people that exhibit wide mood swings. I do have an Appreciation for the abundance of water that covers our planet.

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Have observed this painting many times hanging on the wall of my doctors examination rooms. I love getting assigned to this room on my visits to him. The painting projects a certain calm within me. Will the pony be fooled into taking the apple or will he stay free. It just makes me HAPPY!

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