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March 2022

Rare Blue Poppy

From Longwood Gardens (edited for brevity): Once considered a myth, these spectacular flowers—which are native to the high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains—reside in the Longwood Conservatory, where they are made to flower every year in March. This cultivar, ‘Lingholm’, produces large flowers that are four-inches in diameter on average. The substantial petals are a

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Caught this duffer at the peak of his swing during a senior golf tournament. Covered the event for the sponsors that were raising money for a local charity. Makes me HAPPY to do this.

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Took this for a reporter that was doing a story on a senior softball team that raised money for team uniforms by setting up a newspaper recycle bin at their ballfield. I am HAPPY to do this for community projects!

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Cape May Ferry

Ferry leaving Cape May terminal on a blustery overcast day. My wife and I enjoy sitting in the comfort of the car looking out at the wildlife that is abundant here and occasionally get treated to one of the Ferry’s that cross from here to Lewis Delaware!

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A Night in Lockdown

The four of us during lockdown – my husband, my teenage son and daughter, and me. Laying on the couch just playing with our feet, because we were all out of conversation, sick of Netflix, and living in lockdown in the middle of Copenhagen in our tiny 3 room apartment. The toes were funny.

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