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Life after Loss

By focusing on my strengths and maintaining a positive mindset, I was confident that the “new me” would be okay. After losing my mother in 2017, Adam (my husband) and I decided to take a gap semester in 2019 to travel across 19 countries over five months. Travel was always a good therapy for me. […]

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Looking to Summer

Reflecting on Spring before Summer: April 14th, 2024When Spring begins everything wakes up around us. Suddenly, colors pop, and scents fill the air, prompting us to take a moment and soak it all in. This change often makes us notice things we might have overlooked before. Have you found yourself appreciating sunsets more or stopping

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Your Authentic Self

Dear SeeingHappy Community, Irving Penn was a master of portrait photography and his gift was his ability to capture the essence of his subject. I recently saw the Irving Penn Exhibit at the de young Museum in San Fransisco and was blown away. © 2024 Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Penn would thoroughly research his subjects

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SeeingHappy In Africa

In 2003, my husband Adam and I explored West Africa, traversing the diverse landscapes of Ghana as part of our travel business dedicated to managing educational programs for American universities worldwide. One remarkable day, we found ourselves in the enchanting village of Torgome by the Volta River, a surprise orchestrated by my husband who understood

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“The world is a beautiful place to live.” Last week, I and my partner hiked in a challenging mountain called the Devil’s Summit, the highest peak of the “Babia Góra” massif in South Poland – 1725 m.a.s.l. It is one of 28 summits in the Crown of the Polish Mountains.  That day, we could only

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The softball leagues at the Heckscher fields in Central Park are the living proof that here on earth, rather close to home, in Central Park, all the elements needed to create an idyllic society, came together. When you walk from field #1 to field #5 you feel the egalitarian history for the park:  You feel

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The Games

Keeping Score Now that we met the players and learned where they come from and how the Central Park fields culture created over 100+ years gave birth to this beautiful community, let’s see them play and remember: no pain no gain! Batting while bending the bat Stealing base Safe! Who said softball is strictly for

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The People

Jeffrey Lyons We continue our journey showing how individuals with a common goal create cohesive groups which coalesce together to create close-nit communities.  The Heckscher softball fields in Central Park are the living proof of all the elements coming together. But the most important ingredient in this delicious soup are the players.   Like any recipe, you

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The Spectators 

Locals and tourists watching the games Florian and his family were visiting New York City. They came from a small town in Germany. He had been here before and brought the children this time to show them the city—not just the touristy places, but to see how real New Yorkers live and enjoy their summer. They visited the Empire State

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The Families

Peter has been bringing his son to watch the games since he was a baby Are the players ready to play? The ballpark fields are groomed, the players have gone through their physical and mental preparation, and the team is ready and psyched. So, Let’s Play Ball! Well, not so fast. What else do the players need

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Warming Up

Practicing holding the bat and making sure the weight is right In previous chapters we learned how Central Park, built for the rich, became the park for everyone when the ballpark fields opened (contributing to one of the ten domains that form the basis of the Gross National Happiness index: Diversity.)   We then saw how group

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Preparing the Fields

Measuring the field to position the bases The introduction to my blog discussed the 10 domains of Gross National Happiness (GNH) that form the basis for creating a happy society: psychological well-being, health, time use, education, cultural diversity and resilience, good governance, community vitality, ecological diversity, resilience, and living standards. The focus of this chapter

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An Untold Story

New York City’s Central Park was conceived nearly two centuries ago as a public urban space for wealthy New Yorkers. Americans were eager to show Europeans that they, too, appreciated cultural refinement. A good way to show it was to imitate the fancy parks of Europe, where the rich could be seen in their fancy

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Summer has come. Let’s touch the ground barefoot! Earth Look at the ground.Observe what is on it.Squat down and touch it.Put your whole palms on the ground.Notice sensations from the ground under your palms.Dry?Moist?Smooth?Rough? Hold your hands still for a moment.Feel and name what you feel:I feel warm.I feel damp.I feel cold.I feel the dry

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Meet Mark

How can we truly see ourselves for who we are? For the past few years I have been working with successful female leaders for my project “Being Seen”. Being Seen is a celebration for truly seeing who we are – beyond our job titles and day-to-day responsibilities. The question I asked myself was:  Can we use

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Make a Friend

Dear Friends, I hope you have enjoyed Alec’s blog. I personally love reading his pieces – knowing Alec as I do – they sound just like him: he is an enthusiastic street photographer who really enjoys sharing his art. But the point is not to read and enjoy the pieces – the point is to

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